Younger generations may be likely to go in search of business advice for working from home, as they realise the benefits of flexible arrangements.

This is according to director of research at the Telework Association Peter Thomson, who explained that people are fed up of the daily commute to their place of employment.

He continued: “This is a generation who are green-conscious, who are taught environmental studies at school, and are quite rightly saying ‘Hang on – you, my parents’ generation, have polluted the planet’.”

Mr Thomson emphasised that people are therefore looking to cut down on travel and carry out as many tasks as they can without having to leave the house.

His comments follow the release of the CBI/Harvey Nash Employment Trends Survey, which found that 96 per cent of employers offer some sort of flexible working.

Many of them revealed that this has helped to boost their employee relations.

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Published on: June 28, 2011