Everyone is advised to write a will to ensure that their property, cash and other assets are left to who they really want them to go to.

The Leader-Post has told the story of Eva Gabrielsson, who lived for many years as the long-term partner of Stieg Larsson, the popular Swedish writer and author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

In total, the pair were together for 30 years, but they never married and when Larsson died, Gabrielsson inherited none of his possessions or assets.

This is because Larsson died intestate. This means that he didn’t have a will written at the time he passed away.

Despite living together for several decades, Gabrielsson received nothing and instead all of the author’s estate went to his father and brother.

With more than 70 million books sold around the world, it’s sure to have been a sizeable estate for his long-term partner to have missed out on too.

It’s just one example of such a scenario, with many other people dying each year without having a will written and signed.

This means that a legacy of trouble is often left behind, as loved ones dispute who is deserving of the inheritance and the deceased individual’s wishes are not always adhered to.

Regardless of whether someone has millions of pounds and several properties or only a few sentimental items, it’s important that these end up with exactly who they feel should inherit them upon their death.

There are many good reasons why you should make will writing a priority, and taking care of someone’s wishes should be important to every friend and family member.