Why do I need to make a Will?

If you die without making a Will (legally called dying ‘intestate’) your estate will pass in accordance with intestacy law and this might not be according to your wishes.

Intestacy laws cover your property, your personal possessions and savings. Many people believe that their spouse and children will automatically inherit everything, whether they have made a Will or not. But this is not always the case and the best way to protect your family is to write a Will.

Find out more on how the intestacy rules work and how they may affect you with our article ‘Why you should make a will: the intestacy laws explained‘.

Is an Online Will legal? Do you not have to see a solicitor in person to make a proper Will?

Our Online Will software has been written by leading UK law firm Irwin Mitchell so you can be assured that your Will has been worded correctly. Plus, once you’ve made an Online Will, Irwin Mitchell’s team of legal professionals will review the Will for you to make sure that no mistakes have been made and that it suits your needs.

So you don’t need to worry, plus you have the advantage of saving the costs of seeing a solicitor by getting a fixed price and avoiding the hassle of going to a solicitor’s office.

For your Will to be legally binding you must sign and witness it correctly. Once the Will has been reviewed it will be professionally bound and posted to you, accompanied by a guide to witnessing and signing your Will so that you can sign the Will properly.

What is the difference between the Online Will and DIY Will Kit?

Both Wills are legal documents as long as they are completed, signed and witnessed correctly.

The DIY Will is a good option for people who have the time to read the guidance manual and to complete the forms themselves.

If you want the convenience of the Will being made for you and being guided through the process, then the Online Will is for you. It’s a quick and easy process, and you have the advantage of the Will being checked for you by a legal professional so that you will avoid any mistakes being made.

Can’t the children just sort out my estate after I’ve gone?

Sadly, many families are torn apart over disputes caused by the problems of a relative not making a Will, as the family has to imagine what the relative’s wishes would have been.

It’s so much easier for your children, at a time that is incredibly emotionally difficult for them anyway, for you to make the administrative side of your death as easy as possible. By telling them your wishes in advance, your children will have the certainty of following your wishes and take away the doubts of knowing what you have wanted.

I don’t have anything of worth so what’s the point?

Making a Will is not just about assets and money. It’s about giving your relatives or dependants peace of mind and reducing the stress of bereavement and probate. Dealing with someone’s death, practically and emotionally, is difficult enough without the extra complications of there not being a Will.

How can the Online Will be so much cheaper than using a solicitor? Is it really valid?

A properly executed Online Will is perfectly legal, if witnessed and signed correctly. The Online Will software has been produced by qualified lawyers Irwin Mitchell. The solicitors have created an Online Will to meet the needs of the vast majority of people who only need very straightforward Wills to meet their needs.

What if I my requirements are very complicated?

An Online Will is not suitable for everyone and there may be times when you may need to use the services of a solicitor; for example, if you have property abroad or own a share in a business.

If your needs are more complicated, then our Bespoke Will is for you. Lawyers Irwin Mitchell can write a Will for you that meets your circumstances, all at a fixed price.