All employers will have to face an employee resigning, but it’s important that you handle it in the right way. Here are some crucial tips to follow.

1. Get confirmation

You can’t refuse an employee’s resignation, but do get the employee to confirm their resignation in writing.

2. Confirm the notice period

Tell your employee what their notice period is and decide whether your employee needs to work all of it.

3. Communicate

Agree with your employee what their last day will be.

4. Impart the news

Consider how you will tell your other staff about the resignation. Perhaps a short, upbeat meeting is a good way to maintain staff morale and deal directly with any questions.

5. Finish off all projects

On a practical level, get your employee to wrap up their projects and leave handover notes for any unfinished work. Make sure you get other employees to cover the work left by the departing employee.

6. Inform your clients

If your departing employee has clients, then you will need to get your employee to tell them about the resignation and to make any necessary introductions.

7. Get a replacement

Consider when and whether you will begin looking for a replacement due to the employee’s resignation.

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