There are many things you need to think about when you’re starting to let out your property to tenants. The first thing you need to do is advertise the property effectively and get the right tenant for you.

Read our top tips on what you should think about when advertising your rental property online. Find out how you can present the property in the best light and make your advert stand out.

  • 1. Find a good property website
    There are many commercial websites which advertise properties to rent, sometimes for no charge. Landlords’ associations also have a website where landlords can advertise.
  • 2. Professionally photograph your rental property
    Professional photographs help to present your property in the best light. Make sure that you include interior shots of your property and that you publish more than 8 photographs.
  • 3. Tailor your advert to the tenants you are looking for and tailor the advert accordingly
    Different types of tenant will be attracted to different types of property, so you should research into the market and decide what sector you will aim at (e.g. students, contract staff). Ideally, you should be looking for a tenant with a permanent job who will want to stay there for a long time, as long-term lets reduce the costs of letting and periods of time when the property is empty.
  • 4. Add a floor plan
    Floor plans can increase viewings by 50% and prevent tenants wasting your time when viewing.
  • 5. List your property’s key features
    Outline everything good about your property in your advert; for example, central heating, dishwasher, etc.
  • 6. Give details about facilities and amenities in the local area
    Emphasise the proximity of your property to transport links and local amenities.
  • 7. Become an accredited landlord
    This proves to prospective tenants that you take your role as landlord seriously. Emphasise your accreditation in the advert.
  • 8. Don’t set your rent too high
    Setting your rent too high could mean that your property will not be let for weeks.
  • 9. Don’t set your rent too low
    Setting the rent too low will mean that you will have plenty of tenant enquiries, but you will not be maximising your yield.


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