Disagreements between landlords and tenants are relatively common, with more than one in five property owners admitting that they have had a dispute with someone staying in one of their homes.

Research by AA Home Membership found that 22 per cent of landlords have clashed with a tenant over a particular issue.

More than half of the cases involved damage to the property, with this being named as by far the most common cause of problems between the two parties. Landlords are advised to create a property inventory at the start of the tenancy in order to protect the property and get everything in writing.

However, it wasn’t the only reason that got landlords and tenants at each others’ throats, with four out of ten property owners saying that the disagreements they have had were caused by dwellers failing to clean the home to a satisfactory standard when they moved out.

What’s more, a third were the result of poor garden maintenance, which can be a major concern among many landlords.

Of course, there is no end to the range of issues that have come between landlords and tenants over the years, and some even said that the theft of a boiler and leaving underwear in the fridge were among the more unusual reasons for disputes.

Almost half of the landlords surveyed said that they think that it’s extremely important to maintain a good relationship with their tenants at all times. Primarily, the major incentive for doing this is that it makes them less likely to move.

However, there are plenty of issues that can crop up that make a good relationship a thing of the past.

Some 44 per cent of landlords said that they had been involved in a spat over unpaid rent, while 21 per cent suggested that the neighbours complaining about a tenant’s behaviour had been the root of a problem.

14 per cent also told how tenants keeping pets had led to a disagreement.


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