Heading overseas to start a new life is a popular move among Britons, with destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, the US and France among those where plenty of people choose to move.

There are clearly advantages to leaving the UK behind and starting afresh, such as job opportunities and improved weather. Some families may always have dreamt of beginning a life in a foreign land and for them, simply being happy is reason enough to make the big switch.

Daily Telegraph reader MW has written to the newspaper’s resident consumer expert Jessica Gorst-Williams to explain his situation. His son has made the move to New Zealand to take up a new role in dairy farming, but he has plenty of financial matters that need attention in the UK.

As such, it made sense to make MW a power of attorney, giving him the legal right to make decisions on his son’s behalf. One of the most pressing matters was the sale of his house, as there was no time to complete this prior his departure to New Zealand.

Ms Gorst-Williams explained that there can be problems associated with this, particularly as MW’s son has moved to an area where there is little mobile signal and he is working long hours. It, therefore, makes sense for his son to make a general power of attorney letting his father take care of his affairs while he is away.

“Not only do people in situations such as your son’s find it difficult to deal with some of their financial affairs, but those in the forces must do too,” explained Ms Gorst-Williams.

As such, a general power of attorney can make sense in many different situations and this option is well worth considering for those who plan to spend plenty of time abroad.

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Published on: March 25, 2013