Employers running a business wanting to make their employees more engaged have been offered business advice by one expert, who suggested ways of making people more inspired to work.

Ashley Ward, director at European Leaders, highlighted that offering workers free pizza and cans of Coke is not the right way to go about things.

Instead he emphasised that employees need to feel a part of a wider strategy and involved in what a company is trying to do.

“What that releases in your workforce is a level of energy and diligence, which is very different from the fear-driven command-and-control type of structure,” Mr Ward commented.

He pointed out that all the companies who are considered good to work for take this sort of approach, so other firms are therefore encouraged to follow suit.

Almost 6.5 million (23 per cent) of UK employees are looking to change employer in the next year, findings from the GfK International Employee Engagement Study show.

Published on: July 8, 2011